Day 1 of a New Year!

I know Buddha says don't count, but I'm finding it hard. Today is Day 1 of a new year, and I can't help but want to celebrate. You business types know that it's a fiscal year, too, so we artists will take that along for the ride.

A fun gig in Eastham last night, joined by Salil Sachdev on percussion. Today, we're looking forward to another fun one today with the Henhouse Ceili Chicks at the Farmer's Market. It starts out with Helen Kisiel on piano and Denya (the Fabulous) Levine on fiddle. At 4:00, we have a shift change; pianist Helen Kisiel packs up and heads back north, and Mr. Steve comes in to be the fox in the henhouse, foxy fellow that he is.

You know what? I'm not practicing this morning, and know why? Because I'll be playing for four hours this afternoon, and that's a lot for these wee hands. A grand way to start the new year of practice!

Girls, you out there and wanna play tunes? Deb? Peig? Lorna? Jil? Nikki? Michelle? Amy? Angel? Ginny? Sue? Ann? Doreen? Janine? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Come on down!