Day 3 of Year 2: It's About Just Doing It.

I am dangerously close to making a photo of my bike handlebars into my Facebook profile picture. See, biking gets you to places like this, early in the morning. God bless Massassoit—he didn't even have to ride three days a week at 6 am for those legs.

Again with the cycling instead of practicing thing. Oh, I'll practice today, right after I finish writing to you to tell you now beautiful it was by the sea this morning. Seriously? When you can go to places like these early in the morning, does it really matter what your "practice" is?

When we played at the Eastham Windmill the other night, our host from the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod was Tyler, who recently finished college with a music degree. He had majored in trumpet performance, but now he doesn't play music any more. Now he's a glass blower. To the raised eyebrows, he said, "It's all good. I'm still getting my creative outlet." I think Tyler knows something we can all learn from: It doesn't matter what you're doing, as long as you're doing it.

It doesn't matter how long you do it, how hard you do it, how often you do it, how fast you do it, or what you're doing it in order to get. The "doing it" part is the goal... the means is the end, the process is the result.

Thanks Tyler for that reminder!


B said…
"he didn't even have to ride three days a week at 6 am for those legs"...right he walked every single place he went.

I whole heartily confirm your sentiment though, the important thing is to "Do It!!"
Soul Mama said…
...and his legs probably didn't look like that, either! Nice abs, too. Local women flock to that statue. :)