Hearkening to the music of what happened.

Maybe it's the fact that I haven't had a cup of coffee since July 5. Maybe it's the distraction with the recent reignition of my old flame, cycling. Maybe it's burnout. Maybe it's summer. But I'm a writer who's feeling neither funny nor motivated. So, what you get instead is a bit of news, again. With a twist.

Perhaps it's the CD. The last three weeks have been consumed with finishing it, as you may have noticed. A couple days a week in the studio, long conversations over the top tube with Design Diva about cover design, and a coupla photo shoots. I guess we're taking this stuff seriously. It's a little like Christmas: We've been waiting all year. It's a fun time, we're excited about what we're about to be putting under your tree and in your stocking... but we'll be happy when it's over. Roll on, metaphorical Dec. 26.

I'm particularly thinking about Soul Fry. She's rolling with it, yes. But her mostly stay-at-home, part-time working mom is a little preoccupied. Yes, I'm am sitting next to her on the couch... but I'm on my laptop writing liner notes while she watches Peep and the Big Wide World. As mothers do, I'm feeling a tinge of guilt.

Remember the days when moms spent the whole day focused on their kids and their homes? Did they really do that, though? Were they sitting down all day playing Go Fish and Monopoly on the living room floor, or were they tossing crayons and construction paper on the kitchen table to keep the kiddies occupied while they put in their curlers and ironed Dad's shirts, all the while obsessing about that suggestively critical comment sister-in-law Alice made about her housekeeping skills at the last family party? I'm banking on the latter.

So, Soul Mama and Papa have got a little something going on. But, on the other hand, how cool is it that Soul Fry got to direct part of last night's photo shoot, carefully placing a winter scarf just-so across Dad's lap while he sat at our basement bar trying to look natural for the camera? We think it's kind of cool. Not cool enough for a scarf, mind you, but we left it in the photo, because, well... it was the music of what happened.

Design Diva, a mom herself, was the photographer, and she made every effort to get Soul Fry involved. Design Diva invited Soul Fry's input on poses. "How do you think Mommy and Daddy look best?"

Soul Fry's reply:

"I think they look best when they have their arms around each other."

The car stops. The driver grasps the wheel and stares straight ahead.

You know... every day we wonder about ourselves as parents because we aren't doing this the regular way. Then, out of the mouth of babes comes a surprise—and a hint that we just might be doing something right.


Shannon said…
I think it's great that little SF has a mommy with passions and busy-ness. I am only beginning to imagine what it will feel like to constantly choose how to "split" your energies; but you seem to be doing an inspired job of it. Love the image of the little photo shoot director.