Another Stunning Morning in Turkeyville

Not that I mind waking up at 5:30 to practice music among the spiders in the musty basement... but... sometimes this is much better:

It was so beautiful in Plymouth this sunrise morning that even the car people were stopping. One was taking photos of three deer feeding in the morning mist. One was basking in the peace of four swans floating in the Eel River. (Okay, she was on a bike.) One was marveling at the two families of turkeys rummaging in the grass on Jordan Road (oops, some birdbrain lost a contact!) One was wandering over the River Street Bridge with a Dunkin' Donuts cup, looking a little lost.

An early start after a late night, because yesterday our engineer left us a present: a CD holding nine of the thirteen final mixes on our CD...and we have to provide feedback on them by today, so that he can finish the last four songs by Saturday. And then, we have a finished CD ready for mastering.

What does this feel like?


First lesson in listening to final mixes for a CD: Don't let the car stereo be the first place you hear them. Particularly if it's in a minivan holding four loud children.

Second lesson in listening to final mixes for a CD:
Don't let the kitchen under-the-counter CD player be the second place you hear them. Particularly if you're also cooking dinner, awaiting the arrival of guests from Ireland in the next half hour, all the while tending to an extremely talkative four year old who asks critical questions that need immediate answers. ("Mommy, where is my egg?!")

Third lesson in listening to final mixes for a CD: Do listen after seeing Sugarfoot and the Brass Kickin' Horns at a free concert on the waterfront with family and friends, including the one who just arrived from Ireland. Make sure you have danced a lot, and also let daughter take dust bath, just like the turkeys. Come home. Orchestrate water bath and bedtime, then sit in basement listening room, perfectly positioned between excellent speakers. Open beer. Lift, swallow, repeat. Then listen to final mixes for a CD.

The verdict:

Not so bad, my friends. From the Green to the Blue is coming soon. It's getting real. We're almost ready to share some Irish music, some American tunes, some Latin sounds, and some flute, sax, fiddle, accordion, trumpet (THE LIVER IS EVIL; IT MUST BE PUNISHED), and supercool world percussion with you.

But you may have to come to the musty basement and sit with the spiders to hear it in all its glory. Our operators are standing by to take your reservation. Bring beer.


Chris said…
(pssssst. don't forget the trumpet)
Absolutely mesmerizing. Loved reading the morning ride to the basement with beer! Count me in...while I'm untutored in Irish music, I want to participate and take part in anything and everything that makes Susan happy.
Kerry Dexter said…
looking forward to hearing your music, Susan. I wonder if some of it sounds like the photographs you have here...
Soul Mama said…
Thank you, Kerry! I have been planning to send you a copy. My friend, who was on the bike ride with me that day, said the same thing about the photos: where's the soundtrack! Almost done with the CD. Nine tracks finished and approved, and we get to hear the last four today. I'll be in touch!