Fuss in Boots: Stage Fright No More

A blast: Last night was our fourth annual Church of the Pilgrimage concert, and the very first one before which I was not nervous! I hear you saying this out loud: "Nervous? You? After all those shows you do? All that time you spend standing in front of people in the classroom? Why on EARTH would you be nervous?"

And so, I bring you, The Top 10 Ways a Chick Can Banish Pre-Gig Nervousness:

1. Be prepared. Play stuff you know well, so it's second nature up there. If you know things so well that you can play them while also noting how nice Ellen Milt's smile looks in the front row, then you can't mess up.

2. Love the ones you're with. When you just adore the people you're on stage with, and you love everything they do musically, how can anything possibly go wrong?

3. Make sure no musicians who you secretly aspire to be are in the audience. They are not judging you like you think they are. Actually, they ARE judging you just like you judge them. Suck it up; move on.

4. Wear green cowboy boots. Mojo, baby. All the way.

5. Don't worry about whether you look fat in this. You probably do. Who cares??? Girls, can I get a witness? How well do you do when you're worried that your cupcakes are showing?

6. Get sh&tfaced. Gotta try that some time. Apparently, it works for some.

7. Don't record the show. This is the first Church of the Pilgrimage show that we haven't recorded in our four years, and you know... it was pretty nice to just be able to enjoy the moment.

8.Don't bring your kid. Ah, that sweet dream... making music as a family, bringing along Soul Fry to watch and be part of our musical lives. No. Take 2: Getting away from Soul Fry for a few hours, to not be a mom, a cop, a chef, a soda water fizzer, and just be me? Brrrrrilliant. (Try that again, this time trilling your "r." That's what I'm talkin' about here.)

9. Get the tracks from your new CD the night before, and love them. We LOVE the music on our upcoming CD, and we are proud. It breeds confidence. We felt strong going into the concert last night.

10. Be yourself. Yes, the paper billed us as an Irish duo, but really, we're more than that. Yes, we play some Irish jigs and reels, and we do them as traditionally as possible. But man, we love Nina Simone. We love blues. We love rock and roll. And last night, we let it all hang out, and it felt so darn good to just be who we are. Part of being an effective artist is in finding your voice. This is not cliché; this is truth. The last ten months we spent recording that CD was a journey in finding that voice, in dialing in a style and an approach that we like best. We didn't know that was happening, but now we do. We defined ourselves, and that made all the difference.***

The result: Pure enjoyment.

Thank you, wonderful friends new and old who came to see the Lindsays last night at the Church of the Pilgrimage in Plymouth. You make it all worth it for us, and it never ceases to be amazing that people would actually take time out of their days to see us.

Yes, it still feels like that.


**If you can help us find the perfect pithy way to describe ourselves beyond "Contemporary and Traditional Irish Music" -- we'll send you a free CD when it comes out.