The Making of an Irish CD, Take 2

Bloggers don't realize how easy they have it!

I've spent the last eight hours writing a story about the making of our CD for the Boston Irish Reporter—an article that is very much one like I wrote for this very blog about two months ago. Except updated, and amended with some really neat information from Rob Pemberton, our engineer. The original blog entry: Be sure that I wrote it in under an hour. It was 1500 words.

This article? The first draft, done in the first two hours I was awake, was 2700 words. The article was supposed to be 1500. I spent all day editing it, and still, it's at 1700. I can't shed the last two hundred words. Finally, I gave up and sent it to my editor and said, "Here. You do the chopping."

One of my favorite quotes is that the greatest creativity happens within limits. I beg to differ. With no limits, what I wrote was just what was needed. With limits, I got stuck. Go figure.

I'd like to share the article with you, because it includes some really interesting chat with Rob... but it'll have to wait til September 1, when it appears in the paper. I'll keep you posted.

More excited, though, to share some music with you. We have eleven songs mixed now, and two more to go, and Rob tells us that they MUST be done by today. Tonight, we will have a complete collection. It's almost done! Ten months later...