Remembering Why We Like Music

It's easy to get so caught up in working on music that one loses sight of why one is doing this in the first place.

After my 100-turned-365 Days of Practice, it was full-on summer, and I slacked off a bit, mostly due to the advent of new discipline: exercise. Exercise slowly eclipsed practice, and I confirmed what I suspected:

As parents, we're very lucky if we can manage ONE discipline outside of family. We're downright KAMIKAZE if we can do two.

The last days of silence have been a lot about wondering why my practice has eased off. I gave up for a while. Took a break.

And then, today's session. The one I browbeat myself into, squeezing a session into the last 45 minutes I had with a new babysitter. Ran to the basement for a little saxophone, a little flute.

It started out frantic, hurried. How would I fit in all the material I wanted to prepare for our August 24 concert? But slowly, I forgot to think about it. Slowly, I forgot to practice, and without realizing it, suddenly I was playing, not practicing.

45 minutes later, everything hurt and it was time to be done. But my goodness, it was fun. And then the lightbulb: Did I just say FUN?

That's what this, fun.

A good reminder.