Really? It's been two weeks?

Oy, sorry. Two weeks? It's been two weeks? I have written a number of posts in my mind, but alas...

Mostly I wanted to tell you about how the most memorable day of the fall was spent not apple picking, not wandering in a pumpkin patch (we did both of those things) but lying by a river with my daughter, staring at the clouds.

So gorgeous... the sky...the autumn sun baking our skin, the crisp breeze ruffling our hair...

"Mommy I want to lie on a sweatshirt. Can I have your sweatshirt?"

The clouds.... the way they float so majestically and disappear behind the mountains...

"But I can't get the sweatshirt RIGHT! FIX the HOOD!"

The painted trees: forest, gold, amber, rust...


The cerulean sky, the distant sound of the Connecticut River rolling daughter and I, lying on the grass in Vermont.

"MOMMY, can we go HOME NOW?"

And still, I tell you, it was the most memorable day of fall.


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