View from the Corner Office

I swear: People kvetching about the price of a quarter of "Purple Haze" in America's Hometown is far more interesting to me than a discussion about the golf course in Palm Beach.

And that's why I picked the place I did last week, when I searched all over town for office space. See, my writing and editing business is growing, and it was time to move the biz outside of the house, in an effort to separate work and life. I looked at four places, and ultimately it was a choice of a cubby in a fancy office building with posh, fleur-de-lis embossed carpet, or a corner office with this view. The choice was obvious. Check out the view, left.

I had an inkling that some of the town's traveling people might hang out near the office building (the giant NO LOITERING sign on the window was the hint) but just didn't realize how juicy the conversation was going to get. The vocabulary: stunning! The stories: racy!

Then the rain came. The skies opened up, the thunder boomed, and the guys continued to sit there under the very small overhang, and jokingly shout to God, "You don't scare me!" I added, "Actually, could you send them a raincoat?"

While I'm warm, dry, and worried about how to pay for an office safe from the elements, there are some people who are actually paying attention to the elements. They're getting rained on, they're getting pounded by them, and not even scared--or so they say.