Recording Today - Diving In

The Lindsays are starting a new recording today.  It's very exciting!

But are we ready? No.

We know it's true that often one must jump in at the deep end, but the only way to do that .... but not to do it foolishly, you have to know that you can swim, or at least gasp and flail your way to safety... The creative process does feel a little like that.

Sometimes we just have an idea and we really don't know what the product is going to be. We have an idea that there is an important journey to be made but we don't know the destination. But, facing the pool of creativity, we have to dive anyway, lest we become those people who repeat themselves over and over... "I always wanted to, but..."

And so today, we don our swimming gear and we dive.... in hopes that it will be a swan dive and we'll butterfly along like champions.

We'll keep you posted!