The Pure Drop: In Honor of Friendship

Give us authenticity over talent any day. Give us both and we're yours forever.

David Bowie gave us both: his delivery was always authentic, his engagement with his art never staged. (Not like Taylor Swift at the 2014 Grammys. I may never recover. But teaching my seven-year-old daughter that this insanity was mock-worthy was a critical teaching moment.) 

My Irish musician friend, who's been a passionate musician for more than 40 years, wrote to me after my Bowie post and said, "That was a nice piece but to be honest, before yesterday, I had never even heard of David Bowie."  And the next day on Facebook, Brian O'Donovan, host of the Celtic Sojourn radio program on National Public Radio, was ignoring Bowie and representing for Irish music. He described what it means to be "real" in Irish music: 

"In traditional Irish music, there is 'pure drop.' Straightforward, honest, no-rush playing..." 

So in honor of talent, authenticity, and lasting friendship:  Helen "Auntie Hen" Kisiel on piano with the late great Brendan Tonra on fiddle, and my girl Kieran Jordan dancing. Two out of three of them never even heard of Bowie. That's ok; I have no idea who Lemmy is.