Happy New Year from Casa del Soul

My, my, it takes a ton of time and energy to decorate for Christmas, to overshop (I think I have a... um... problem), and send out 100 holiday cards. And make a CD. And work. And clean. Well, actually, not clean. Very demanding. (I'd tell you more about that last bit, but a friend says I write too much about cleaning. Note: The last time she had a two year old was about 30 years ago.)

So now it's New Year's Day at 7:25 am, and in honor of the "you must keep trying even when you fail" thing, I return to you as your little writer friend who has not managed to write every day for 10 minutes like she said she would... but today I'm all bright eyed, bushy tailed, and (GASP!!!) not hungover.

We had a wonderful, peaceful family New Year's Eve—the first time ever it was "just us," Soul Fry reminded me. We did have one invite (Lord, they get less and less numerous every year) but we decided to stay home and be our little family of four. There had been some foiled plans earlier in the week; on Christmas morning, Soul Fry and her bestie had made some chatty plans to spend New Year's Eve together with a sleepover. Two days later, we learned that this friend got a different offer or had forgotten the plan. And, or; not sure. At any rate, my heart broke for our girl.*

The ball drop at Casa del Soul. 
We set plans in motion for a New Year's Eve at home. Soul Fry's party animal nature went into high gear. She quickly sketched out a design for our own ball drop, and she and Dad disappeared into the basement for a little light carpentry. Then the glue gun came out and many glass beads were glued. Then, she said she'd make us dinner, all by herself. Which she did. Which was absolutely delicious. And we pulled out our "Just Dance 2017" Wii game and did the Whip and the Nay-Nay. And we watched Dick Clark and made fun of everyone and complained loudly about the lack of clothing and the excessive gyration in the female dancers who were dancing behind the male singers. We wondered where the female lead talent was. Oh wait! There she is! Mariah Carey. Um... never mind. And we got balloons and let them off at midnight. Our resolutions went up with those balloons, written on scraps of colored paper.

The prevailing theme was:  Spend more time as a family. I think we're off to a great start.

*Important note: A few days later, Soul Fry got invited to the same gathering and sleepover, but by that time, plans were in place for a family night, and she chose us. Hooray! We won!