And Here's Some Music While the Cookies Bake

Good morning my friend! Just a quick note to tell you I haven't forgotten about you. It's cookie season and the elves are busy baking ... but when they are done (i.e., when they have finished the spring issue of Mass. Music Educators Journal, the annual MMEA conference book, the all-state concert program, and various other conference incidentals), here's what's simmering. (No promises that any of these will ever make it out of the pot, because, you know... new ideas come every day.)

  • A treatise on practice and perfection: How much is enough? 
  • A response to all those smug people who bashed us for posting MLK quotes last week. 
  • How being a teacher made me a better dog owner and other inane, asinine canine things I promised not to write about, ever. (I promise not to write about what I've learned from my dog. I promise to stop making promises.) (I also promise to try to use fewer parentheticals.)
  • And on that note: THE END OF SELF HELP: How you know when you've achieved nirvana so you don't have to read self-help books anymore. (It's so good to be perfect.)

Ahem. Amen.


Go in peace. I'll be back. In the meantime, the good news is, this guy here has stopped chewing on my shoes, my arm, my coffee cup, my computer, my pajamas, the chair leg, the chair cushion, and my ankles while I'm trying to write. I feel a return to productivity coming on.

Damn, he's a good boy.