Starting New Year's With a Roll of Toilet Tissue By My Side

Actual photo from our production offices
at Casa del Soul.
Perhaps you expected some inspiring words from your buddy here at Casa del Soul for New Year's. I got nuthin'. See, I'm too busy finishing an online class on stress management (career advancement, don't you know) to write you your daily loveletter.

Understand that I didn't take the course because I feel stressed. I took it because it sounded easy, it would get me to my next salary level, and I figured it couldn't hurt. Turns out that when I did the checklist on page 47 of The Frazzled Teacher's Wellness Plan, well ... I'm stressed.

My score: "Seek professional help."

Thanks. I'll get right on that.

So, with the new wisdom borne of this very inspiring, enlightening (sic.) grad class,  I discover that I am suffering with a series of stress-related ailments. Thank you for the knowledge, Mr. New Year.

Three other things I have already learned in in 2020:

  • New puppy = new allergy. Who knew? I am blessed with deep compassion now for my allergic friends. I understand your suffering, and I am a better person for it. I look forward to exploring a deeper relationship through shared tissues and allergy treatment advice in the new year. 
  • Right shoulder. I can't lift it. Did you know that feverishly conducting "Jingle Bells" for a band of nine year olds for a month straight can create rotator cuff injury? I did not know this. Lesson: Spreading holiday joy is stupid.
  • Left shin splint; the result of running up and down front-yard hill (very small hill, very small dog, very short run) in Doc Marten boots. Did you know that medial tibular tendinitis can make your shin tendon actually squeak audibly? My shin squeaks. The dog barks.
I have no further comment.

No, there will be nothing else you can help me with today.

That will be all, thank you.

And no, I will not complete your customer satisfaction survey.

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