The Music of Gratitude

Good morning, my friend!
Three things I am deeply grateful for: these two, plus the photographer.  

It has been a hectic and, as a result, slightly stressful few days of musicmaking here at Casa del Soul—but made beautiful by a focus on gratitude.

"Gratitude" and "stress." Those words are so overused these days that I tend to roll my eyes and dismiss them—but much to my own loss. I read recently that one way to banish stress-induced irritability is to stop a moment and think of three things that have happened today that you are grateful for. I tried it, but only because it was part of an assignment for a class I'm taking. [Insert eye roll here.]

I thought of three small things: I made a challenging coworker laugh. My workspace had been cleaned up over the holiday break. My kid gave me a hug.

Guess what? It worked. It made me feel good.*

This Sunday in church, my friend Trace was the guest worship leader. In that capacity, his job was to stand beside our beloved Pastor Helen to help lead prayer and emcee the service. After the sermon was given and the offering taken, he said a final prayer of gratitude. Then, he looked down at the church bulletin, and shrugged.  "Looks like the only thing we have left to do is sing," he said.

That's exactly it: Revere a bit, be generous, give thanks, then just go ahead and sing.

What else could we possibly need?

Thank you, Trace!

*Mind you, without cynicism, I'm going to need to rethink the entire premise of my sense of humor.