Still Sue! New Blog Name!

Well... we can always hope.
***Important: If you've been responding to this blog by hitting reply, I just learned that those messages have not been coming to me. Not sure why; I'll work on that!***

Good morning! Still Sue here, this time giving you less Soul Mama and more Rodgers and Hammerstein. Yes, I've rebranded. Sigh. It happens to the worst of us.

When I started this blog, I did a lot of writing about being a musician and a mom. Those were beautiful times with my gorgeous girl Annie, now a growed-up teen who prefers to be called Áine. I was so fortunate that music allowed me to be home with her during the day, all day, for her first five years. Steve and I were recording records, trying to be good parents, and gigging like crazy. I was out gigging most nights and editing books while she napped during the day, meanwhile discovering new friendships with fab peeps like Sasha, Megan, and Dashing Dave. Soul Mama felt like an apt handle then. Full of soul, and full of being that beautiful girl's mama.

Technically, those things still hold. But as thinking does, my thinking has evolved. Then, my focus was on practice: how could I become a better musician and how could I establish practice. Now, with a career change to teacher, the questions are slightly different: how can I help others become musicians at all? And why does it matter that they learn music in the first place?

"Ti" is the note before Do. Ti forever pulls us toward resolution, but sometimes Do is not always the best place to land. Sometimes we just stay on Ti. Ti, a drink with jam and bread. Forever becoming.

The Dalai Lama would approve, more or less. For all other answers to life's burning questions, we turn to Julie Andrews, Rodgers and Hammerstein, or perhaps Gershwin. We fill our hearts with the sound of music, we aspire to be practically perfect in every way, and we take our drink with jam and bread.

Nice work if you can get it.


Mike Dunfee said…
Am posting this as a “test” to see if it comes all the way to you!
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