When Technology Fails...Or Maybe Succeeds (If Your Name Is Jonathan)

Good morning! Well... this fine Sunday morning (just kidding), I woke up with a story in mind and it was maybe a little sad, as it shared the account of my brother's birthday yesterday. He's been cooped up in a long-term rehab hospital and we can't visit him so we held signs and sang at him from outside a plate glass window. My little story ended with a message of hope, or at least persistence, as it must... but then the Internet for the first time ever decided that Sue Lindsay Shall Not Get All Serious On Us and did not auto-save a word I'd written.

I could recreate the whole thing for you, and maybe I will later today. But a very loquacious someone arrived partway through the writing demanding apple juice, and my morning meditation is OVAH.

For now, I shall just say: I wrote for you this morning. I did. Do enjoy your day, clouds or no, and I shall enjoy mine.