Day ?: Faced with the Sacrosanct Shrug, Artists Make Art

Dare I say, I think we're over the hump at Casa Del Soul. Things feel ok today, but probably we're just over that hump, the one you hit around week 5. Know that one? No doubt this is a rollercoaster, and there are other humps ahead.

Does anyone know how to process the meaning of "over 3,000 deaths in Massachusetts" and "more nationwide than the Vietnam War"? I don't. I don't know how to feel it, except to marvel at how big those numbers are. And to wonder when and if the other shoe will fall. I have two siblings living in care facilities, both way too young for that, by the way, and neither have COVID-19 so far. One is doing well, and the emotional state of one is steadily declining every day, and we can't do a damn thing about it except answer the phone at least once a day.

These are the most important problems.

Other problems are also pressing, but not as desperate. Fourteen times a day, I think about the essay I will write about what homeschooling is really like. And we all know it's not easy to be in a house with just a few other people. Some people out there are with no people. There is no complaint I could offer that I could not follow with, "But it could be worse." And it could. And it is for so many.

When faced with the sacrosanct shrug, artists make art. Here's one I made we made earlier. (If the video doesn't embed, here's the link.)