Practice, In Theory. Theory In Practice.

I've spent an inordinate portion of the last three days working on an instructional video featuring our instrumental students in the Plymouth Public Schools. We four district instrumental teachers have all agreed that the most important thing our kids can do to keep up their musical knowledge during this time away from school is simply to keep playing.  However, we've realized that in the absence of a teacher, what they really have to learn now is to teach themselves. And that's what practice is.

The biggest surprise of my college years as a music student was that I had never learned how to practice. All those years of study, all those lessons, and all those teachers that got me from 9 to 18, from whole notes to sixteenths—and no one had ever actually taught me how to practice most effectively. This is not ideal, but it is common.

You may have seen our first video. Well, now we've got a new one. In the first, we told students a lot about what to do—but we didn't show them how to do it. Enter: New Video. It's long but we hope it's engaging. Here you go... it's at the bottom of this page. (If the video doesn't show up, you can click here to watch.)

I'd write more, but I really have to get back to practicing.