Little Lord Fauntleroy, YouTuber

I spent yesterday afternoon making dinosaur movies in the garden with my son. He wants to be a YouTuber. What, you're over 20 so you don't know what a YouTuber is? It is not a kind of potato. YouTubers are people who post endless videos of their children mouthing out completely inane stories with little plastic figures. They have enthusiasm and creativity, but possibly lack narrative. Hm. But I'm happy: My son has hopes and dreams. Goals. Far be it from me to get in the way.

Because I am a perfect parent [sic.], my child spends upwards of I-have-no-idea-how-many hours a day watching YouTubers say stupid things with plastic figures. Now he wants to be a YouTuber, too. I know; YOU are making shaving cream puffy paint and homemade moon sand with your five year old instead. I did that with my first one. But that was before everyone in my family started dying in earnest, and then the pandemic hit. I had a little more energy back then. Don't cry for me, America. I'm fine.

My little guy is learning about storytelling with video. How wrong can that be? Video is where people are now. Look at me: I handcraft beautifully written stories everyday, the skill honed in nearly thirty years of professional experience as a writer and editor. And I'm a published author. A former journalist. I'd say I pretty much know how to do this. Aaaaaand..... Thirty people a day read my stuff. You know how many people have watched Ryan's Toys YouTube videos, on average? I just checked. One incredibly pointless video about a vending machine that dispenses cuddly toys has had 2,585,777 views. And with those views come advertising, and with advertising comes money. Wow. (I would give you a link to click, but I don't think he needs more money. Instead, please share my blog with anyone who enjoys honest sarcasm and spirituality. Thank you.)

So, after writing to you every day, I've been making videos, with Lord Fauntleroy, with Steve, with my colleagues. Exploring a new form of storytelling. And you know what? I love it, and so does my boy. We'll share with you our new Jurassic Park film as soon as it's ready, but in the meantime, please enjoy our Pokemon adventure. We made this back at the beginning of quarantine, when we though we were going back to school on May 4. That would have been today! Well, we're still stuck at home, but we're working on our next video. Storytelling takes many forms.