Lettuce Pray: Solstice, Mrs. Lindsay on the Farm, and a Whole Lotta Greens

Today is the longest day of the year, summer solstice, a day we wait for all year in this house. We celebrate it and the winter solstice like a real holiday, with food, and friends, and music. More Pagan than Christian, though you'd never know it from my writings—especially the sermon I wrote for my church's Music Appreciation Sunday. (That's coming tomorrow; stay tuned.)

In Solstices past, we have thrown enormous parties, with kids running around wild painting everything in sight and parents quietly meditating under the luscious canopy of Lindsay maples. Quietly meditating, in the sense of singing and playing music under the influence of Arthur Guinness. This year, well... that ain't happening, but this being the solstice following the god-forsaken longest spring that ever existed in the history of springs, it's too darn bad. Kinda would be a good night to dance around the campfire naked like the wannabee Celts that we are, but ... we clothe because we care. That long spring has taken its toll on our desire to wear anything but a burkha. 

I hope you don't mind, but I'm gonna just do some old-fashioned storytelling today. That is, just writing about the stuff that has been happening. Truth: I sat down to write and thought I'd try to get deep on the whole longest day/cycles of the universe/hope lives thing, but I'm just not feeling it. Because... School's Out for Summer, I have a fridge full of greens I can't identify, and.... what a nice day it is. I'm thinking about frisbees, and beaches, and how can I be a little more present for my kids now instead of eternally preoccupied with the student projects I haven't graded yet, and the next video I'm going to make, and maybe I'll start exercising to increase the chances of ONE summer item from last year still fitting me by August, and ... yeah. That's going to be a tough one. So let's talk about summer and farms. 

The last of the school goodbye parades was yesterday, followed by a retirement celebration for five teachers at my home school, including Judy Merrick (Hi Judy! I wish you the very, very best on your new adventure after decades of teaching and changing lives. Let's all honor Judy for her many years of service and we wish you a very happy retirement!! Much love to you.) After that celebration, for me, it was going home to send one last video out to all my kids, racing to Central Office to hand in student certificates for mailing, racing off to another school to drop off a saxophone in our storage closet via the custodian's office, home of three hairy guys playing cards and looking fairly amused at the odd masked teacher arriving after every damn person in the entire district had gone home already. Then, it was home and praising of Jesus with harps, lyres, trumpets, and beer. Mostly beer. 

And beer makes you want to weed, for at least two seconds until you decide that farming is not for you. Did someone say farms? Last week, Soul Fry needed to make a farewell video for her school, and she wanted to go to her happy place to do so, which is Soule Homestead in Middleboro. That's where she does 4H. It's also home to Plato's Harvest, land of our favorite farm guy, maker of lettuce. So, off we went. Drove a half hour so that she could stand next to a goat while she said goodbye and good luck to her classmates. That's a mom-approved endeavor. The problem is, her mom is a little nuts. More nuts than just the half hour drive, I mean.

Mom decided that her daughter's idea was brilliant, and that she, too, would stand next to a farm animal to say goodbye to her students. Except Mom has issues. She thinks big. Mom wanted to stand next to ALL of the farm animals, because Mom has a little tendency to go to extremes, and because goodbye isn't enough, and she happened to have an instrument in her car, she'd also play saxophone with said animals. And with that, I give you.... Mrs. Lindsay's Farm Farewell. Mrs. Lindsay was terribly amused. Soul Fry, 14, was not. 

It's greens season! Love and lettuce to you all. If the embed doesn't work, go here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuZ8jJT2ArM