Dedicated Educators Get Manicures: Calling from the Prius 14 and 15

Nope, not any of these. 

School started for kids yesterday, and though I won't see my own students in an instructional setting (AKA tent) for about another week, I did get hallway duty as students entered. Much needed reminder of why teaching is such a wonderful profession, and I needed the reminder. A little clarinet player came in alone, looking shellshocked because she didn't know where her fifth grade classroom is. Scared, nervous. So, stop everything, walk her there, chat, ask questions about summer. She barely said goodbye when I got her to the right place, but I felt a halo emerge over my head. It felt so right. And she'll be ok (as long as she doesn't quit clarinet... just kidding.... kinda.). But truly: No feeling could be better. 

Here at Casa del Soul, to start the school year, I indulged my young ladyship in a manicure the day before school started. Yes, she who started high school in a jaunty Led Zeppelin tee shirt. (I don't believe she's heard the band, but I see the person she wishes to project. Good on ya, lady. Mom is proud.) And, um... Soul Mama in pink nail polish? I don't think so. But fine. All the other normal girls go to nail salons with their normal moms, and that was part of helping her feel on top of her game for the first day. Why not. Oh, the sacrifices. Ahem.

So, this morning, a couple of vlogs. These are... well... they are what they are. I'm practicing, ok? Please do feel free to send feedback, as I am just working on them. I know, I know... I talk too fast, the music is too loud. And... is it actually entertaining? This is a little bit like hanging our undies out on the laundry line. (THANK GOD WE GOT A DRYER in July, ok? And Bill? =This is what happens when I follow your instructions, "Write every day." Your fault.)

(Super cool Cambodian music from the 1960s in this, btw.)

And the story of a teacher driving to school on the first day. You know... thinking. Too much.