Truth Is Way More Fun

Well, some days I make videos, some days I write. Lately, it's been a #$#$-ton of videos and my blessus, am I having fun.

On the side, I've jumped back into writing but it's toward that book, and there is a voice emerging. This morning, I discovered the unfortunate/fortunate truth that my "authentic voice" involves a lot of the unsavory. To protect my respectable readers, that work will remain unread for now, except for a few salty friends who give good feedback. You see, God forbid anyone should know what I really think. My man Earle recently reminded me that the mark of a good writer is fearlessness. He said one must have "....the fortitude and boldness (cheekiness?) to be a writer who can resist ingratiation, express yourself forcefully, make a difference."

So I'm off to the side making really real writing, and I'll just keep lying to you, here. (Not really.) Someone can publish that book I'm working on after everyone in it dies (half of them have, already, actually).

In the meantime, I share a few fun vids of how awesome those kids are that I spend my days with. You see this sweetness? This is not to be messed with. It helps us keep our snark in check. Three videos to share... teach-o-rama. It's all good; fingers crossed we all remain healthy enough to stay in school. Because we love these kids

And also this one

And also I love teaching outdoors. Life is ok; dress for the weather. Thanks Rachel! This was fun.


bill h said…
So, we're being divided into groups. Hmmmmm.
Soul Mama said…
Bill! Isn't that what modern living is about? Thems/usses?