Violins, Pumpkins, Leaves, and Other Auburn Items

If you are anything like me, you may from time to time evaluate what you thought things were going to be against what they actually ended up being. Usually, it's not so bad. Perhaps we go into life with high expectations. Perhaps life is not as high as we hoped. Perhaps we recognize that when we don't try so hard, nice things happen that you could never have imagined. This is especially true when your life involves a teenage daughter. Some days have so much of what you hoped that it feels too good to be true. 

Yesterday: Yes. Almost. Partway through the day, my daughter said a hip teen version of "This is making me so happy." She did not say "this is making me happy." But she said something like that, and I can't remember what it was because, well... I'm 51. Brain cells. Also, someone yesterday suggested "dipshit." That's fine. They meant well.

So, for your viewing pleasure, I present to you this morning a fabulous fall day that ends in a dipshit move, followed by a video I made Friday of some fabulous music learning with one of our strings teachers in the Plymouth Public Schools


Talented Artiste: 


 Namaste. Nammagonna go walk the dog.