Are we all really doing the best we can?

Yesterday, a daily devotional came in from church. In it, my beloved pastor wrote about acceptance and how we need to give people space to be who they are because "Aren't we all doing the best we can?" 

Well, there's a question for the day. Are we? Are you? 

Are you actually getting up and out when you don't feel like it? (Tired? Ok, you get a pass for a rainy day!)  

Are you letting go of anger when it no longer serves you? 

Forgiving people for doing things that hurt you, especially when they didn't do those things specifically to hurt you? 

Not judging people when they do things differently than you would? 

Not... um... drinking an entire bottle of wine all by yourself, mid-week on a work night?

Not eating half a bag of potato chips with dip that's already a week out of date, and washing it down with two ice cream sandwiches? (I HAVE NO IDEA WHO WOULD DO THAT, but I'm sure they are doing the best they can.)

Even when you can't see the sun, it's still there.
And most importantly: Not beating yourself up for not doing the best you can? 

It really doesn't matter what you answered to most of those questions, as long as you answered yes to the last one. "Yes. I am not beating myself up for not doing the best I can." Only then are you doing the best you can.

Maybe we're all just doing as well as we choose to be doing. 

Today, it's cold and drizzly, which is how many moments of life have been lately. It's Memorial Day weekend and I had to put on a down vest, a winter hat, and a rain coat. Out I went, to the beach. I love to see the sunrise every day that I can because it reminds me that every moment is a new beginning. Today, the sun was hidden behind a heavy, three-day bank of rain clouds. I snapped a photo of the foamy waves and thought I'd caption it, "Even when you can't see the sun, it's still there." 

That right there. That's doing the best we can.