Begin Again... Almost!!!!

Ok. Yesterday: What could be more beautiful?

School's out, summer's here. 

The last few months while I haven't been writing here on this blog, I've been mostly getting up early and staring at the rising sun and creating a very long list of sunrise metaphors in my mind that change every day with that very sunrise. 

I think I'll start again. 

We have a problem, though. Feedburner is the tool that I have been using to send you emails of each new blog, but as of July, it is discontinuing that service. I'm going to move my mailing list over to something as-yet-undetermined... and while I'm at it, I'm going to move my blog over to WordPress, where it will live on my new website that I started two months ago then abandoned. That will come soon. I've already tried the import, and it did weird things. All the videos disappeared (that may be a good thing... eyeroll) and all of my quotation marks and apostrophes turned to strange combinations of characters. For anyone else, that would be... um... fine (?) but for an editor... well, that's a little like having your puppy go missing just a few days after you got him. Poor puppy. I'm sad already. He was so cute. But at least my shoes won't get destroyed.

A few people have wondered where I've been. So for those people and maybe you, too, here's the answer: I haven't really been blogging for two reasons. 

1) Time. Who has it, when you're working full time and doing side work, too? 

2) Fear. Honestly, vulnerability, exposure. Those are hard. Some people tell you not to tell too much. What happens if everyone knows how you actually feel, especially when you're going through a hard time? What if they know you are sometimes lonely? Fearful? Weak? Unsure? What will they do? Will they think less of you? Will they realize your garage is unlocked and come steal all your bikes? (It is, you know, but so far, no one has come in. And now you know. Guess what? I just put locks on it yesterday, so Don't. Even. Try! Neener-neener.)

Here we go. Begin again. Watch this space. Then watch it go away. Soon, the blog will move over to WordPress, and I'll be out looking for my lost puppy—hand-fixing a billion typos, that is. (Pain and suffering.) I'll keep you posted. 

With all the love and lettuce in the world. Truly. 

Your Faithful, Vulnerable, Simultaneously Fearful and Fearless, But TOTALLY FINE I SWEAR Blogger, 

Miss Sue